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28Jan 2018

Seek the Advice of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Getting accused of a crime can be a very frightening experience for you and your family. Going through police investigations and interviews and then having the possibility of criminal charges getting filed against you can be intimidating. You naturally have concerns about what may or will happen to you, and at a time like this, you need to make sure you receive the best advice possible. Taking the time to talk to a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles right now is the best move and coming to us at the law offices of Jance M. Weberman can be a big help to you.

Understanding the Criminal Procedures

Even if you have not been charged with anything yet, speaking to an attorney is important for you to do. Many people do not understand the legal procedures that need to take place even before charges are filed, and you may not be aware of what your rights are during an investigation or an interview. Talking to a lawyer can help you see what is best for you to do and what approach you should take. It can also let you know how important it is that you have legal representation with you during any interview, so your rights are protected.

A Lawyer Knowledgeable of the System

You want to get the advice of a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles that has a background and experience with criminal cases. A criminal lawyer will have a clear understanding of the federal and state laws and know about the charges you may face so that they can develop a strategy to defend you properly. You want a lawyer that has experience dealing with district attorneys, law enforcement, and the criminal court system to help give you an advantage as your case moves forward.

Talk to a Criminal Lawyer Today

It is important that you act quickly and speak with a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles if you find yourself in a situation where you may be accused of a crime. Here at the law offices of Jance M. Weberman, we can provide you with the experienced criminal attorney you want on your side. Mr. Weberman has extensive experience with the Los Angeles criminal system and can give you the best advice possible for your case. To schedule a consultation, contact our office at 213-386-9100, and we can assist you so that you have the right defense on your side.