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15Jan 2018

How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Getting charged with any crime, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, should be approached seriously by you. Taking a situation like this lightly can lead to you ending in serious trouble, with things like hefty fines, probation, or jail time as a result, any of which can cause real damage to the rest of your life since you will have a criminal record. If you know that you are facing a criminal complaint, it is in your best interests to go out and get a lawyer to help you. Knowing how to hire the right criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can help you find the person that can defend you and help you the most.

Do Research for a Defense Attorney

You want to do some research before you hire an attorney to represent you. Simply choosing a name on a list of attorneys without knowing anything about the person can lead you to hire a lawyer that does not have the background experience or expertise you need for your case. Take the time to do some research on any lawyer you consider, checking out what their law background is, where they went to school, what kinds of cases they take, and what their success rate is in defending clients.

Consulting with an Attorney

Before you agree to hire someone as your criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, you want to have a consultation with the lawyer to talk about your case. During this consultation, the lawyer can provide you with an evaluation of your case so you can see how they will go about representing and defending you. The consultation gives you a chance to ask questions you may have, and you can then see if this lawyer has the professional demeanor you want on your side and if you have confidence in their ability to handle your case successfully for you.

An Attorney with the Experience You Want

If you are seeking to hire a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, talk to us here at the law offices of Jance M. Weberman. Mr. Weberman can provide you with the legal advice and representation you need for your criminal case that can help you the most. We can assist you through the investigation and interview phase and be there to litigate your case in the courtroom if needed to give you the quality representation you need. To talk to Mr. Weberman and get a consultation, contact us at 213-386-9100 so we can meet with you and explain how we can help with your case.